Christian CND at Big Church Festival!

Christian CND was in Sussex over May Bank Holiday weekend for Big Church Festival – a gathering of tens of thousands of Christians for music, worship, fellowship and a large exhibition of Christian organisations seeking to share their message.

The weekend started with Christian CND leading the weekly Church and Peace/ Fellowship of Reconciliation Peace Prayers on Friday evening. This was a great chance not only to let those on the Zoom call know what we were up to but to receive their prayers for a fruitful weekend!

Throughout the weekend we had hundreds of visitors to the stall, all ages, denominations and levels of knowledge about nuclear weapons. As always we had some people who were already resolved that nuclear weapons are against Jesus’ teaching and support our work, while others are only starting to consider these issues for the first time. We spoke about the cost of replacing Trident, at least £205 billion, during a cost of living crisis as well as the complexities of the conflict in Ukraine and how nuclear weapons on all sides are making things much more dangerous and potentially even harder to resolve.

As well as great conversations visitors to the stall also made peace cranes and wrote their own messages and prayers for peace which were hung on the tree at the stand. These prayers and messages will be used in future Christian CND prayer meetings.

We also had good news to share though. We spoke about our Peace Pilgrimage coming up in September and the United Nations Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons – which bans nuclear weapons in the same way as chemical and biological weapons have been banned and continues to received support from around the world.

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