Global Day of Action on Military Spending

Monday 26 April marks the Global Day of Action on Military Spending, with groups around the world calling for money currently spent on the military to be diverted to other, socially productive priorities. Last year the global amount of money spent on the military was estimated at $1.9 trillion – thats around 2.2% of global Gross

Scottish Elections: Make Trident your red line

Christian CND has joined up with Scottish CND and many other peace groups to encourage our supporters to press candidates on their views on Trident ahead of the Scottish Parliament elections, which will take place on Thursday 6 May. The Scottish Parliament has previously been supportive of nuclear disarmament with the Scottish National Party, Scottish

Bruce Kent and Valerie Flessati given prestiguous award

Long-time Christian CND members Bruce Kent and Valerie Flessati have been awarded the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lambeth Cross for Ecumenism. Announcing the award Lambeth Palace cited the couples “exceptional, tireless and lifelong dedication to the Christian ecumenical search for peace, both individually and together.” Both Bruce and Valerie have been influential in the peace movement, among

UK nuclear stockpile to increase by more than 40%

The publication of the Integrated Review of Defence and Security Policy has confirmed that the UK’s nuclear warhead stockpile will increase to 260 by the middle of the decade, ending over 30 years of gradually declining stockpile numbers. The UK currently has around 180 nuclear warheads, stored in Coulport in Scotland when not deployed on