Local Church Divestment

Do you giver regularly to a local church or other Christian ministry? If so, are you sure your money is not supporting nuclear weapons?

We have put together a searchable table of all the main banks providing accounts to community groups and charity, and combined data from multiple sources to help you find out!

You will also be able to use our template to write to your Church about your concerns, or to tell them well done on choosing a more ethical bank.

The table columns show the bank name, whether their community or charity account is free or not, nuclear weapon exposure (☢️), fossil fuel exposure (🏭), and any other possible reputational risks (⚠️), which are expanded upon in the last column (Notes) alongside any other important comments.

If you want to write to your Church or group about their choice of bank, just click on the name, and a filled in template will appear below:

Dear Friends in Christ,

As a long time supporter of our Church, I recently made $discovery discovery.

I looked up the bank we use ($bank) as a Church with the Christian CND Church Divestment Tool, and found out that the money in our bank account is $nukes being used to fund weapons of mass destruction.

As you might know, every mainstream UK denomination has spoken against nuclear weapons, and yet we are unwittingly supporting their continued existence with our Church’s funds. I should also add we are currently $others.

This need not be the case: we could easily switch away from $bank to an institution better aligned with our Christian values, and many of the options available to us offer free banking to charities and community groups.

I hope we will have an opportunity to discuss this further soon, in the meantime I have included some useful information below.

Additionally, we are also not $others, so I am glad to say that $bank aligns with our Christian values. I hope we will continue to let our values shape our financial decisions.

I have included some resources I have found useful below.

I am glad we are not funding nuclear weapons, however, we are $others. I believe we could better serve our Christian values by switching away from $bank to an institution that uses our money more ethically.

I hope we will have an opportunity to discuss this further soon, in the meantime I have included some useful information below.

Your friend in Christ,
Your Name

Useful Resources:
Christian CND Church Divestment Tool
Don’t Bank the Bomb
Bank Green
Good Shopping Guide to Banks

The co-operative bankFreeNoNoNoneCurrently owned by investment firms.
Virgin MoneyFreeNoNoNoneDoes not have cheque books, few branches
AIBPaidNoYesYes⚠️ Tax evasion and other controversies
TSBFree**NoneOwned by Banco Sabadell (☢️ and 🏭)
Bank of IrelandPaidNoYesNone
StarlingFreeNoNoNoneDoes not have cheque books or branches
Lloyds GroupFreeYesYesNoneIncludes Lloyds, Bank of Scotland
NatWest GroupPaidYesYesNoneIncludes NatWest and Royal Bank of Scotland
BarclaysFreeYesYesYes⚠️ Tax avoidance, money laundering, support of dictators
HSBCPaidYesYesYes⚠️ Money laundering, drug cartels involvement
Banks are listed based on their score on Good Shopping Guide. Information about controversies (⚠️) was obtained from Wikipedia, fossil fuel investments (🏭) from Bank.Green and nuclear weapons investments (☢️) from Don’t Bank The Bomb.
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