Christian CND Prayer Diary – June 2023

In addition to our Prayer Diary we also gather regularly on Zoom to pray together.
Latest dates can be found on our events page

Continue to give thanks for Christ in his role as Saviour and Prince of Peace. 

Pray for those sharing the message of the Prince of Peace, both locally and internationally.

For international statemen who need the courage to be prepared to appear weak prepared if they adopt less aggressive postures

For all those representing NPT signatory governments across the world, to recognise their responsibility to mankind to implement the policies that their predecessors agreed. We weep when we see modern statesmen taking advantage of the Hiroshima photo opportunity, but doing nothing to fulfil the actions that both we and the Hibakusha see as essential, including fulfilment of the obligations they, or their predecessors, made in their commitment to the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

We pray for the nations that have signed the TPNW, the Treaty for Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, that in conjunction with the United Nations Secretary General they will be able to exert a moral authority over the resistance of the large nuclear-armed states to any diminution of their nuclear weaponry.  And we pray for more nations to be added to the list of signatories to this treaty.

We give thanks for the effectiveness of the simple message promoted by several campaigns this year, that if even a fraction of the sums expended on nuclear weapons was instead devoted to reversing climate change and feeding the world, it could do so much to help so many people

We pray for His Holiness the Pope’s mission to bring together the warring parties in Ukraine, and that through him You will enable them to find a basis for building together a future based on peace rather than mutual antagonism and distrust.

We give thanks for Claire’s commitment to Christian CND over many years, and ask your blessing on her in her retirement.  And we pray for John as he takes over, that he will make sense of the files and be able to support the work of Christian CND as effectively as she did over many years, and through whatever changes are to come.

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