Christian CND Partnership

Christian CND has many committed members all over the country, from every denomination and tradition, all committed to working and praying for a nuclear weapons-free world.

Throughout the nearly 60 years since Christian CND was formed, we have been fortunate to work alongside many denominational leaders in the UK supporting a world without nuclear weapons. These include the Quakers, United Reformed Church, Baptist Church, Church of Scotland and Methodist Church. We have also had many supporters from Anglican and Roman Catholic Churches, with Bishops from both denominations recently calling on the UK to join the United Nations Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and backtrack on ideas to increase the nuclear warhead stockpile.

This all means that many of us now attend churches with a policy position in favour of nuclear disarmament. The task ahead of us is often daunting, but by working together, and in God’s power, we believe we can make a difference. Christian CND wants to harness all of the energy, experience, expertise and prayer power it can.

That’s why we are now launching an exciting new opportunity for churches to be part of our work by becoming a Partner.

What is a Christian CND Partner?

A Christian CND Partner is a church, group or organisation standing with us for a nuclear weapons-free world. Each individual Partner will decide how involved they want to be with our work, but by just becoming a Partner you will be standing alongside other churches and thousands of believers across the UK who believe nuclear weapons are against the teaching of the Bible and want to see a future of peace and cooperation. We ask for a joining fee of £50 a year to cover administration and the cost of printing and posting material. Partners are more then welcome to contribute more, but if £50 is a prohibitively high figure, please get in touch.

What do Christian CND Partner receive?

Christian CND Partners will become part of a national movement of Christians working and praying for a nuclear weapons-free world. Each Partner will join together with other churches, groups and individual Christian CND members to witness for a world of peace. As a Christian CND Partner your church will receive:

  • Something to display in your church to demonstrate the commitment to a nuclear weapons-free world.

  • Copies of the Christian CND journal Ploughshare for your church, published three times a year. You will also receive copies of the news update Ploughshare Plus.

  • A monthly Prayer Diary from Christian CND to assist those in the church or group who wish to stand with us in prayer.

  • The opportunity to nominate a member of the congregation to be the main contact for Christian CND, to receive news, prayer points and information about our work.

  • The chance to have a speaker from Christian CND attend your church or group to given an update on our work and discuss the issues with the congregation.

  • Free leaflets and information sheets produced by Christian CND to display in your church.

  • The ability to use the Christian CND logo on any publicity material.

  • You will also be added to the Christian CND Partner Map on our website, helping local Christian CND members and supporters identify supportive churches and organisations.

How can my church become a Partner?

Each church will have their own way of deciding if becoming a Christian CND Partner is right for them. Once the decision has been made in the church, the rest is easy. Simply complete the Partner form and return to the office with a cheque, or pay by annual Direct Debit.

Sign up by Direct Debit online.

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