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The pledge to increase UK military spending by a further £16.5 billion in the midst of #COVID19UK, economic and climate crises is a deeply damaging and worrying decision. A new arms race does not make us safe. #UKDefundWar

A clear and simple look at how the #nuclearban Treaty doesn't actually undermine any other efforts for nuclear disarmament. It's time that the nuclear-armed states, including the UK, wake up to that fact.

In just a few short weeks nuclear weapons will be illegal under International law. Opposition to nukes among Christians continues to grow. If you share our vision for a world of hope, without nukes, become part of our movement and join Christian CND today

"While the TPNW’s existence in international law will be constant, policy on nuclear weapons in individual European states, and even in the alliance itself, has and will continue to fluctuate over time." Great article from our friends at @nuclearban

In just a few short weeks #nuclearweapons will be illegal under international law. It's time the UK joined the international community in working for a peaceful future. Sign the #petition and call on our government to act

#nuclearban #Peace

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