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#AUKUS the new #Australia #UK #US military alliance is an excuse for #NuclearProliferation and escalates tensions with #China.

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#NoNukeSubs #NuclearBan #NewColdWar #IPB #No2AUKUS

Image: "Successor Submarine" by Defence Images

Did you know that emissions from the world’s militaries and wars are not taken into consideration in any climate change talks? @abolishwarUK are campaigning for them to be included. Check out this video to see how you can get involved!

You may have seen the pictures from North Korea this week - some of our media even found them funny. But there is nothing funny about nuclear weapons and their development on the Korean Peninsula

We still need a few more sewers to join our quilt to remind the UK government of obligations for nuclear disarmament. Better to talk about peace and cooperation than expand the arsenal by 44%. Find out how you can get involved -

We are greatly encouraged that #Norway has announced it will be attending the States Parties Meeting of the #NuclearBan Treaty. As the first #NATO state to do so, a significant move, but we continue to pray for more to follow, including the UK

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