Prayer Room

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer

Romans 12:12

You can also find dates for our Prayer Meetings on Zoom here

Alongside our work, Christian CND is committed to continual prayer for a nuclear weapons-free world. There is so much going on across the world that it can often seem overwhelming, and we can feel like there is nothing we can do.

We believe that prayers are powerful and when we come to God He listens and answers our prayers. The Bible is full of examples of prayers being answered, and so is the history of Christian CND. We look forward to standing with you in prayer as we see more of God in our work.

Every month we produce a Prayer Diary with suggestions on what you can pray for in addition to the prayer points in Ploughshare.
These are by no means exhaustive lists, but feel free to print it off for your own prayer times.
If there is anything you would like to be included in the Prayer Diary, then please contact the Christian CND office. Twice a month, we also gather on Zoom to pray together. Upcoming dates for the next 4 months:

We encourage all our members and supporters to pray for our work, and for those around the world who are also working for nuclear disarmament and a world of peace. We also believe we must pray for leaders around the world, regardless of what we think of their politics, as Paul wrote to Timothy, we do this in the hope that we might live peaceably with one another.

The prayer of the righteous person is powerful and effective

James 5:16

A great way to pray is by gathering with others in your area.
If this is something you would be interested in initiating in your area, get in touch with the office, and we will provide all the support you need.

We can also let other Christian CND supporters in your area know about your event. Prayer meetings don’t have to be complicated, Christians simply coming together to speak to God is incredibly powerful.

As well as praying, you can also support our work financially.

A couple of prayer suggestions:

You have given us life, intelligence and the beauty of creation, O God. Your good gifts were given, so we might be stewards of all that is alive. In our arrogance, we have unleashed fearful forces that destroy. We have brought down fierce fire from the sky. Your children have been burned, your gentle green earth scorched. Fear rules now, not Love.  We have given in to evils, lesser and greater. In your mercy, help us turn from destruction, from bombs and barricades. Lead us to life again, to affirmation of all goodness, and to international disarmament, And to transform the nuclear nightmare into the peace you have proposed. Hear our prayer, O God, and guide us in your ways.   Amen

The Beginning and the End are in your hands, O Creator of the Universe. And in our hands you have placed the fate of this planet. We, who are tested by both creative and destructive power in our free will, turn to you in sober fear and intoxicating hope. We ask for your guidance and to share your imagination in our deliberations about the use of nuclear force. Help us lift the fog of atomic darkness that hovers so pervasively over our Earth, Your Earth, so that soon all eyes may see life magnified by your pure light. Bless all of us who wait today for your Presence and who dedicate ourselves to achieve your intended peace and rightful equilibrium on Earth. In the Name of all that is holy and all that is hoped. Amen

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