Support grows for UN cease-fire calls

The call from the United National Secretary-General for a global ceasefire to enable all efforts to be focussed on fighting Covid-19 has gained support around the world. Christian CND has joined others in the Network of Christian Peace Organisations in issuing a statement calling on the UK government to support the calls.

To silence the guns, we must raise voices for peace

Almost 1,800,000 people have signed an online petition supporting the calls, and conflicts in eleven countries including Yemen, Libya, Cameroon, Colombia, Syria and Ukraine have actors who have responded positively. In Afghanistan the government has set up a special task force to negotiate the Taliban to seek and end to the conflict.

At the United Nations a resolution calling for ceasefires and an end to trade wars and sanctions, brought forward by Russia, was blocked in favour of a more general resolution calling for more ceasefires.

The Covid-19 storm is now coming to all these theatres of conflict. The virus has shown how swiftly it can move across borders, devastate countries and upend lives. The worst is yet to come.

We are thankful for the leadership of Antonia Guterres and the United Nations in seeking peace around the world. This is one of the issues we are focussing on in prayer this month. Download a copy of our Prayer Diary and join us as we seek God throughout April.

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