Belize ratifies the Ban Treaty

Belize has become the 37th state to ratify the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, confirming the move at the United Nations in New York City on Tuesday 19 May. The Treaty was agreed by the United Nations in July 2017 after negotiations last several months. 122 states voted in favour of the Treaty

Support grows for UN cease-fire calls

The call from the United National Secretary-General for a global ceasefire to enable all efforts to be focussed on fighting Covid-19 has gained support around the world. Christian CND has joined others in the Network of Christian Peace Organisations in issuing a statement calling on the UK government to support the calls. To silence the

NCPO statement on Coronavirus ceasefire calls

After United Nations Secretary General Antonia Guterres called for a global ceasefire last week to ensure all efforts are put into tackling the Coronavirus, the Network of Christian Peace Organisations, of which Christian CND is a member, has issued the following statement: António Guterres, Secretary-General of the UN, called for a global ceasefire in light of

United Nations Chief calls for global ceasefire

As the world struggles to contain the Coronavirus pandemic, the United National Secretary General has called for a global ceasefire in all conflicts to help fight the virus. Speaking from the United Nations in New York, António Guterres warned that it will be the most vulnerable in society who will pay the highest price from Covid-19.