Christian CND Prayer Diary – May 2023

In addition to our Prayer Diary we also gather regularly on Zoom to pray together.
Latest dates can be found on our events page

Give thanks for our Lord and Saviour, the Prince of Peace, who gave His life for us in what may well be the cruellest form of execution ever devised, in order to enable our peace with God. And praise God that his death was recognised by his Father who raised him to new life, as a token of our redemption.  So let us in this Easter season dedicate ourselves anew to Christ’s service as peacemakers, doing all we can to: 

  • Love those around us in our families and communities.
  • Facilitate peace among our friends and in our communities.
  • Do all we can to dissuade our own government and those of other nations from spending huge sums on arms rather than for the good of mankind.
  • Pray for and campaign for disarmament and policies that make for peace in the world.

Suggest we pray in particular for three areas:

Reversing the current trend for proliferation of nuclear weapons around the world. Pray for:

  • The 20th May demonstration at the USAF base at Lakenheath in Suffolk, where aircraft and the latest generation of U.S “tactical” nuclear weapons will be based. The adjective “tactical” implies small battlefield weapons, but these are at least as powerful as those used at Hiroshima, and despite some improvements in precision will cause untold indiscriminate damage across Europe. And Parliament has not had the opportunity to consider this escalation of nuclear risk in Europe.
  • Give thanks for the determination of the TPNW nations to stop continued nuclear proliferation, and pray for their effectiveness. The proliferation is contrary to UN policy and to commitments the nuclear powers have made, not just to non-proliferation but also to disarmament.
  • Give thanks for the broad coalition of Christian groups at the Big One weekend who recognised the immorality of the disparity between the billions now being spent on nuclear arms and the severely reduced budget for spending on support to those suffering most from the climate crisis around the world.

Christian CND at the Big Church Festival the last weekend in May to get the “peacemaker” and disarmament message to the thousands of Christians who will be there.  Pray for the Christian CND team:

  • For stamina throughout the weekend, 
  • For wisdom and inspiration in the words they use to promote the message, 
  • That God will use the words spoken, the activities undertaken and the leaflets handed out to bring home the peace message, if not immediately then in the days and weeks to come.
  • That the Lord will inspire Christians of all ages, who have not previously given much thought to the subject, to recognise pacifism and disarmament as strong Christian priorities to which they should commit themselves.

Exec decisions in the near future that could substantially impact the future effectiveness of Christian CND in getting across the Christian peace message. These decisions include:

  • Whether (and if so how) to restructure the admin role
  • Selecting the right person to replace Claire in this role, 
  • Decision on whether to update to a charity constitution, which would facilitate reclamation of Gift Aid on donations, 
  • Above all ensuring we set ourselves the highest standards – and comply with them.
  • Give thanks for Claire’s service to Christian CND over many years, and pray that she will have a fulfilling retirement.
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