Christian CND at Aldermaston – Easter Sunday

On Easter Sunday Christian CND joined many others at Aldermaston, home of the factory manufacturing the UK’s nuclear weapons. The event was marking the 60th anniversary of the very first march from London to Aldermaston and is part of the celebrations of CND’s 60th birthday.

Easter is the perfect time to think of peace. Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection enabled us to have peace with God, which in turn motivates us to seek peace in the world.

As part of the day Christian CND members and supporters had filled in Peace Doves with messages of hope and peace. These were then tied to the fence surrounding the facility.

The event finished with a vigil during which candles were lit and prayers said both for those involved in the manufacturing of nuclear weapons at Aldermaston and for peace around the world.

You can see photos from the event on our Facebook page
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