Christian CND at The Big One

Many Christian CND members and supporters have travelled to London over the past week to take part in The Big One, a four-day long festival of action and activism highlighting the devastating impacts of climate change and the urgent need for radical action.

Christian CND members took part on most days, including the Church Service on Friday morning in St Johns with around 2000 others and events around the Ministry of Defence and Parliament later in the festival. Our friends from CND and many Christian peace groups were also in attendance.

The liturgy at St John’s was very moving

Patricia and Michael Pulham

The links between climate change and war are well documented, but often missing from discussions around the climate crisis. Military carbon emissions are also not covered by any climate agreements – despite the military being one of the largest polluters. As the climate crisis intensifies humanity will need to find collaborative ways to tackle these problems, rather than simply resorting to threats and violence.

Members also found time to pray around Whitehall during their time in London. Walking around the Ministry of Defence, praying not only for those working inside but also for the service personnel who are stations overseas and on British nuclear submarines.

Check out some of the CCND pictures from the week

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