Christian CND Prayer Diary – February 2023

Please join Christian CND in praying this month as we intercede for issues here and around the world. We believe God has the power to move in all these situations and that prayer goes hand in hand with our campaigning efforts. There are many things to be thankful for as well as issues we want to bring before God.

We gather twice a month on Zoom to prayer together. Upcoming dates include:

Thursday 2 February @ 1pm
Tuesday 14 February @ 8pm
Thursday 2 March @ 1pm

Download the Prayer Diary as a PDF

Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

Give thanks for 

  • The second anniversary of the treaty
  • The commitment of the 68 states parties and 92 signatories. 
  • South African Red Cross recent African regional conference to promote the TPNW 
  • The determination of the states parties to ensure effective treaty implementation 
  • The commitment of the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres to this treaty.
  • Commitment to the Treaty at local levels across the world, hopefully influencing national public opinion and policy.

And pray for:

  • Public opinion in UK and other nuclear states, and advocates of disarmament to appear in the press and other media 
  • For a recognition of the current disproportionate public expenditure on armaments and the supporting infrastructure
  • Reduction in the influence of the arms industry on government policy
  • An end to the enthusiasm of politicians to appear macho in their foreign policy pronouncements

Land-based nuclear missiles in the UK

Pray for 

  • The effectiveness of the campaign against the re-introduction of nuclear missiles into the United Kingdom
  • For much-increased awareness of the plans to introduce to re-introduce land-based nuclear weapons to the UK – and their implications for civilian vulnerability.
  • Fresh energy among campaigners, many of whom put so much effort into the original successful campaign for removal of US missiles.
  • Public recognition of the moral, safety and security issues involved. And for politicians who won’t support disarmament for fear of being branded as wimps.


Nuclear escalation threat continues, bringing the Doomsday Clock to 90 seconds before midnight. The recent announcements of the deployment of more advanced tanks from NATO countries risks direct Russia/NATO conflict, doing nothing to reduce the likelihood of nuclear escalation.  Indeed, some commentators have argued that it increases the nuclear danger.

Above all the need is for diplomatic communication between the two sides, for better understanding of the other’s position, for willingness to seek compromise – and future peaceful cooperation.

Pray for 

  • A constructive contribution from the Christian churches
  • More diplomacy, and all national leaders to be prepared to consider compromise
  • Recognition by all leaders that a military solution is not the final answer, really no more than a temporary ceasefire
  • All – Ukrainians and Russians – who have lost their homes, their security, their jobs as a result of the conflict, including those who have become refugees whether internally within Ukraine or across Europe
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