Christian CND signs letter to new Prime Minister

Christian CND has joined other Christian peace organisations in writing to Boris Johnson as he becomes Prime Minister. The letter urges Prime Minister Johnson to seek peace in these times of heightened tensions.

The situation between Iran and the UK has been strained in recent weeks, following the seizure of an Iranian tanker followed by the capture of a British tanker in the region. There is a real possibility that the UK could be dragged into a major conflict in the region, with the disastrous consequences that would have.

Joining with colleagues from the Network of Christian Peace Organisations we are calling for things to be done differently. We believe that through dialogue, discussion and working together we can avoid possible conflicts in the future.

The full text of the letter is:

Dear Prime Minister,

We live in times when communities are being fragmented by financial hardship and political uncertainty. Internationally, recent headlines about boats being seized by Iran once again raise the possibility of the UK stumbling into another war. All the while, unresolved questions around Brexit continue to threaten a peace so painstakingly built in Northern Ireland. It also opens-up wider questions about how we define security both collectively and internationally today. As the tensions with Iran clearly demonstrate, the need for continued diplomatic efforts to control and reduce the spread of nuclear weapons will continue to need constant attention

As you lay out your agenda for the coming weeks, we ask that you prioritise the work of authentic peace. One built on justice and reconciliation. We ask that you seek peace by peaceful means, prioritising respectful dialogue, the use of international systems and networks and the measured and thoughtful deployment of negotiators and mediators. Then ensure you give sufficient time and attention for these approaches to make a difference.

Yrs. Sincerely

Barbara Forbes, Church and Peace (UK Section)
Ian Ring, Coordinator of Community for Reconciliation
Paul Maxwell and Andrew Jackson, Co-Directors, CHIPS (Christian International Peace Service)Sue Claydon, Chair of the Anglican Pacifist Fellowship
Theresa Alessandro, Director of Pax Christi
John Cooper, Director of Fellowship of Reconciliation
Philip Austin, Coordinator of Northern Friends Peace Board
Martin Tiller, Co-Chair Christian CND

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