South Korean Christians return to UK

Christian CND has the great pleasure of welcome our friends from the Bargn Nuri community from South Korea back to the UK. A group of young people from the community are currently on a tour of Europe where they are performing traditional drumming and sharing about their work for peace.

During their visit to the UK the group performed in the ruins of Coventry Cathedral, where they were joined by local people and the Dean of the Cathedral, John Whitcombe. As well as the drumming performance the group were able to hear about the work the Cathedral is doing for peace and reconciliation, as well as have a tour of the Cathedral and join for afternoon prayers.

The next day the South Koreans were in London, where they performed in St James’s Park in front of local peace campaigners as well as others who had been in the park. Many of them also stayed behind to hear about the work of the group.

The trip is part of the Life & Peace Pilgrimage, a peace campaign which kicked off in October 2017 when tensions on the Korean Peninsula were higher than ever followed by North Korea’s nuclear bomb testing. The Bargn Nuri advocate an end to the Korean War, disarmament, and permanent neutrality on the Korean Peninsula, and peace in Northeast Asia. In the past six years, they have continued the pilgrimage at 330 locations in five countries where civilians had suffered from the colonial and imperial invasion, war, and dictatorships of the 20th century. At each visit, they remember those who were inflicted during historical events and meet with locals peacebuilding activists.

The pilgrimage now continues to other locations throughout Europe. Please join us as we give thanks for the Bargn Nuri and their work, and pray for the rest of their tour on ongoing work for peace and unity on the Korean Peninsula.

Check out the photos and videos from the events

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