Remembering Hiroshima & Nagasaki

Over the first weekend in August Christian CND members and supporters took part in a number of events to commemorate the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The bombings on August 6 and 9 killed hundreds of thousands of people and left millions living with consequences of the blast – many of which continue to this day. The annual Hiroshima and Nagasaki Day reflections are always an important time to remember that nuclear weapons have consequences and are not abstract concepts – as politicians would all too often have us believe.

This year the Christian CND Service took place in Romford and heard from Christian CND member Theresa Allesandro. Alongside hymns and reflections a candle sent from Hiroshima was lit.

Meanwhile Christian CND Exec member Martin Tiller spoke at the Coventry Cathedral Remembrance Event. Martin challenged those present (including the Lord Mayor of Coventry and a representative of the Japanese Embassy) with a message that words are not enough: Jesus calls us to put our good intentions into action.

On the evening of 6 August Christian CND gathered alongside the Anglican Pacifist Fellowship for an online vigil, which heard from Revd Grant Bakewell in California, Melanie Atha from the Episcopal Peace Fellowship and our own Co-Chair Bridget Tiller.

Our commemorations of the period will conclude on Tuesday 9 August, the anniversary of the Nagasaki bombing, when we gather for our regular online Prayer Meeting.

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Watch the recording of the online vigil
Register for our Nagasaki Day Prayer Meeting

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