Christian CND statement on Ukraine

After the news of the further escalation of the situation in Ukraine on Thursday 24 February, Christian CND has issued the following statement:

The situation in The Ukraine is incredibly concerning and has the potential to become even more serious, especially given the nuclear arsenals of those states involved. This is an important moment not only for Eastern Europe but for the wider world.

The military build-up on both sides of the border has been going on for some time, and the latest steps by Russia will do nothing to calm the situation. There may be no easy answers in a region with a complex history, but war will only add to the suffering of the population.

We are disappointed that the UK Government appears to be increasing tensions with the use of its rhetoric, inevitably adding to the anxieties of those living in the region. We believe that it would be more productive for the UK to take heed of Psalm 34 and “seek peace and pursue it”. There is still chance for to be a voice for peace in this situation and put every effort into a diplomatic solution. 

Past military operations in Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and Iraq have shown the futility of war, leaving a scarred landscape and huge levels of human suffering. We pray for all those affected by the situation and for our political leaders on all sides to have the courage to seek peace in the face of war.

Christian CND joins the rest of the peace movement in the UK and around the world in calling for immediate and comprehensive de-escalation and meaningful diplomatic dialogue. Jesus calls us to be peacemakers, and we stand in prayer alongside those in Ukraine and Russia who oppose this war – often at great personal risk and cost.

On Thursday evening we held an emergency Prayer Meeting with more than 70 people coming together to pray for peace. We will continue to pray in the days ahead.

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