Christian CND statement on Syria

In light of the ongoing crisis in Syria, Christian CND has issued the following statement:

Christian CND is deeply saddened by the situation in Syria and the apparent use of chemical weapons. Any murder is regrettable and we condemn all sides who have been responsible for civilian deaths including in Douma. The images of children suffering are incredibly sad and we believe they grieve the heart of God.
We understand that many Christians will feel a conflict between the Biblical calling to be peacemakers and to stand up for the weak. There can be no doubt that those innocent civilians who have lived through years of civil war need to be defended, but we doubt that the further bombing, by the UK, America, Russia or any other nation, will do anything to protect those most in need. 
Christian CND appeals to all parties to engage in immediate dialogue with a view to both ending the killing and move beyond this brutal conflict.
We urge all believers across the world to join us in prayer over the next 48 hours, both for Syria, Syrians and for political leaders around the world. 
Please join us in lifting up prayers this weekend and throughout the coming week.
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