Remembrance Day 2018

Sunday 11 November marks the 100th anniversary of the signing of the armistice which ended the First World War after four years. As we remember the end of the conflict we recommit ourselves to work and pray for peace around the world. We remember this eon all sides who have died in conflicts, and we

Christian CND meeting in Nottingham

On Tuesday 23 October Christian CND members and supporters gathered in St Peter’s Church in Nottingham to discuss local campaigning and to pray for a world free of nuclear weapons. The meeting was chaired by Rev Christopher Harrison of St Peter’s, with many churches represented among those in attendance. Coming on the day that United

Christian CND talk in Reigate

Many churches in the UK have been longstanding supporters of nuclear disarmament, including the Quakers, Methodist Church, Baptist Church, United Reformed Church and Church of Scotland. In addition to this many individual Catholics are supportive of Christian CND and this July the Church of England Synod passed a motion in favour of the Treaty on

Christian CND Conference Report

On Saturday October 6 Christian CND members and supporters gathered in Coventry for our annual Conference and AGM. The theme for the day was “Nuclear Ban Treaty: Hope for a Nuclear Weapons-Free World”. Delegates arrived at the stunning Coventry Cathedral from all over the country. Coventry has long been an inspiring and important place for