Christian CND Prayer Diary – September 2023

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AGM – on Saturday 9th September in Liverpool

Pray for 

  • A day that brings glory to God and facilitates the greater future effectiveness of CCND. 
  • That the right people will be elected to the exec, 
  • That all members present will recognise God’s presence, and be inspired to greater diligence and effectiveness in future campaigning and promotion of nuclear disarmament.
  • That non-members in attendance will be inspired to join our campaign.
  • That the new exec will be inspired and guided in their future leadership of CCND, ensuring glory to our Heavenly Father, effective campaigning, and more Christians coming out for nuclear disarmament.

Christian CND Constitution Online/Postal Survey: opportunity for members to contribute their views to the debate on the future CCND constitution.

Pray that 

  • Members across the country will take the opportunity to play their part in this consultation, and not put it aside for later – when it may be too late to influence the outcome.
  • They will be guided in assisting Christian CND to make a decision that will facilitate greater future effectiveness of our campaigns. 
  • That their involvement will be reflected in their future involvement and commitment.

Christian CND Pilgrimage from Barrow-in-Furness to Grange over Sands, 15th to 18th September

Pray for 

  • Martin Tiller as he leads the group.
  • Great fellowship and camaraderie among the group
  • Transport and accommodation arrangements to work effectively.
  • Effective promotion of the disarmament message throughout the pilgrimage, even in Barrow-in-Furness, where nuclear submarines are built.

DSEI Arms Fair, London Docklands, 12-15 September will promote international arms sales, generating huge opposition and protests from other Christian disarmament groups, including the Quakers and Roman Catholic groups like Pax Christi. While there will be no direct CCND involvement, we stand with those who protest, and Christian CND members will undoubtedly be involved in various ways. The arms trade is strongly supported by governments around the world, not least our own, despite the goods sold being designed to cause death and destruction. And we know that sales are often directly or indirectly to unscrupulous buyers who make them available to despotic regimes.

Pray for: 

  • Effective campaigning by protesters, including Christian groups.
  • Publicity to focus on the message of the campaigners, rather than on any disruption caused.
  • Our own government to devote more resources to those in need in our own country and around the world, and less on their support of the arms trade.

Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

Still no more movement, with just 92 signatory nations (most recent was Djibouti in January 2023), of which only 68 have so far fully ratified, with none since September 2022. 

For current status see

Pray for 

  • The 24 existing signatories who have not yet completed the ratification process to do so, including Brazil and Indonesia, large nations both of which signed more than 5 years ago.
  • Populations of more nations, especially in the developed world, to recognise the dangers caused by nuclear weapons and to campaign for their governments to commit to nuclear disarmament – and in so doing to begin the process of fulfilling their obligations under existing disarmament treaties.
  • Christian churches in our own country to follow the lead of the Roman Catholic Church and actively support unilateral nuclear disarmament.
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