Christian CND joins DSEI Arms Fair protest

Christian CND members and supporters have been involved with protests against the DSEI Arms Fair at the Excel Arena in the London Docklands, with further protests planned this week.

The Defence and Security Equipment International show takes place every two years at the site in the London Borough of Newham and sees international customers, often governments, coming to view and buy a range of weapons.

There is always a large protest associated with the setting up of DSEI, and this year was no exception. Prior to the event there was a pilgrimage and vigil, both of which included prayers against the fair. On Thursday 7 September the ‘No Faith in War’ day saw believers from a range of denominations coming together with other faiths to oppose the Arms Fair, to pray and sing together and to call for a change in direction.

Christian CND at DSEI 2023

The Arms Fair continues this week – as does the protest. Christian CND members will be involved in a picket of the DSEI headquarters on Wednesday. Please join us as we continue to pray against the Arms Fair and that those involved in the organisation, purchasing and profiteering from the event would have a change of heart.

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