No war on Iran – Pray for peace

Tensions between the United States and Iran have been heightening for some time, but recent events have taken things to a dangerous place that calls for urgent action and prayer.

Donald Trump campaigned in 2016 on the promise to withdraw the United States from the Iran Nuclear Deal. The pact, painstakingly negotiated over many years, curbed Iranian capability to develop a nuclear weapon in return for sanction relief. Despite calls from the international community including the UK, the United States withdrew from the agreement after Trump’s election.

The situation had appeared to calm at the end of 2019, but the decision of the United States to assassinate Iranian General had the potential to plunge the region back into crisis. The Iranian regime has already retaliated with rocket attacks on military bases in Iraq.

There have been international calls for calm and de-escalation and we welcome moves to engage in diplomatic efforts to reduce tensions. No one in the region, or anywhere in the world, wants this situation to escalate into a conflict.

Christian CND is urging all members and supporters to join us at this important time as we pray for peace in the region. You can find some fuel for your prayers in our Prayer Diary. Some helpful pointers include:

  • Pray for world leaders, including Donald Trump, Boris Johnson and Hassan Rouhani, that they have the courage to seek peace.
  • Pray for those advising leaders, that they would seek de-escalation and peace not revenge and war.
  • Pray for those living in the Middle East under the threat of conflict, that God would confront them.
  • Pray that diplomatic efforts would enable the Iran Nuclear Deal to be saved.
  • Pray that a reduction in tensions would lead to greater dialogue between others around the world and lead to greater peace.
  • Pray that through all of this God would be glorified.
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