Join Christian CND for just £2 a year!

Christian CND has an exciting offer – you can join our movement against nuclear weapons for just £2 if you’re under 25 or in full-time education.

Christian CND has a growing membership of Christians from every corner of the UK. We come together to work and pray for a world without nuclear weapons and based on genuine security, cooperation and friendship. We believe this is the vision set out in the Bible and the teachings of Jesus.

Joining for just £2 will give you access to everything we produce (you’ll just get it by email to keep postage costs down). You’ll be able to connect with like-minded Christians, even take part in the elections to the Christian CND Executive Committee.

Most importantly though, you’ll be playing your part in challenging the UK government on the replacement of Trident, the expansion of the UK nuclear warhead stockpile and supporting the majority of states who want to ban nuclear weapons – as they have already done with chemical and biological weapons.

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