UN reaffirms support for the Ban Treaty

The United Nations First Committee has voted overwhelmingly in support of the Treaty on the prohibition of Nuclear Weapons during a recent meeting. 119 states voted in favour of a resolution which welcomed the Treaty, commended those states who have already signed and ratified it and called on states that “have not yet done so

Move the Nuclear Weapons Money

A campaign has spent the last week highlighting the incredible level of funding global governments put towards nuclear weapons, and calling for the money to be moved to more socially productive projects. Pope Francis has previously called spending on nuclear weapons “theft from the poor” and Christians have been among those involved in the campaign.

Vatican calls for progress towards nuclear disarmament

A representative of the Vatican has used a speech to the United Nations in New York to call for world leaders to work for a nuclear weapons-free world. Archbishop Bernardito Auza called on nations to prevent a new nuclear arms race, saying that arms control treaties were being “abrogated and flouted”. “Member states should spare

Government admits to delay in nuclear submarine construction

The Government has been forced to admit that a programme of replacing nuclear-powered submarines is running significantly behind schedule, which could have a knock-on effect on the Trident replacement programme. The concession came during evidence from Ben Wallace MP, Secretary of State for Defence to the Defence Select Committee. The Astute submarines, which are replacements

UK statement to UN General Assembly

The United Kingdom has reiterated its position in favour of a world without nuclear weapons at a meeting of the United Nations General Assembly, despite saying there are no plans to sign the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. The UK remains committed to a world without nuclear weapons, with undiminished security for all,