Christian CND Prayer Diary – November 2023

We also have Prayer Meetings on Zoom taking place this month:

Thursday 9 November @1pm
Monday 20 November @ 1pm
Monday 4 December @ 8pm
Thursday 14 December @1pm

Christian CND Prayer Priorities November 2023


Second meeting of TPNW States Parties in New York City from 27 November to 1 December

For the states involved,

  • That their discussions will help to persuade those states not yet committed to the Treaty to sign the Treaty, or to complete their ratification of it.
  • That the meeting and the events around it will be effective in persuading other states and their electors to support and commit themselves to the Treaty

For the press and media:

  • That the meeting and the events around it will be fully reported around the world in the press and media.
  • That the reporting will influence voters in NYC, across the USA and around the world to support the treaty and nuclear disarmament.
  • For good press and media coverage of nuclear disarmament campaigners in NYC and elsewhere to bring the message to people around the world, and esecially in nuclear armed nations like the USA and UK.

For the witness by faith groups in NYC and elsewhere:

  • That the witness of faith groups like Pax Christi, Anglican Pacifists, the Quakers, etc., will persuade other believers across the world that support for disarmament is not naive, but the right approach for those with faith in the God of Love and the Prince of Peace – and persuade them to join the campaign themselves

For states not yet  signed up to TPNW 

  • That they will be persuaded to publicly support the Treaty by signing and ratification, progressing to full accession.


Up to now this conflict has involved cruel actions by both Hamas and the Israeli military, but the nuclear threat is clearly there, from both Israel and Iran, as well as potential involvement by major nuclear powers.

Pray that:

  • Hostilities will be calmed rather han further inflamed, and that other nations will contribute to a peaceful outcome rather than further escalation.
  • The UN and its Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, will facilitate peace and negotiation of arrangements that enable a long term  positive, peaceful and prosperous future for all involved – and acceptance that this will require all parties to agree terms that respect all inhabitants of Israel and Palestine.
  • God will overrule in other conflicts with potential nuclear consequences, such as Ukraine and Russia, to enable lasting peace and security for all involved.


  • For Exec members to have wisdom in their November meeting, particularly as they consider the proposed constitutional changes.
  • For Liddy in her development work with churches and young Christians, that we may see a new generation of convinced Christian peace campaigners
  • For effective use across the country of Liddy’s disarmament and peacemaking resources, especially with churches and Christian youth groups.

RWH 08-11–2023

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