Christian CND Prayer Diary – February 2024

We also have Prayer Meetings on Zoom taking place this month:

Thursday 08 February, 2024: Evening Prayer 8PM (online). Please find zoom link here

Monday 19 February, 2024: Lunchtime Prayer 1PM (online).  Please find zoom link here

Christian CND Prayer Priorities February 2024

Nuclear Disarmament

  • Pray for our nation to commit to the UN Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons – TPNW. So far there are only 94 signatories and just 70 states fully ratified – in Europe just Austria and Ireland. Give thanks that Sao Tome and Principe ratified TPNW during January 2024, but let’s ambitiously hope and pray for some of the major nuclear-armed states to come on board – it is after all UN policy! 
  • And continue to pray for those already committed to TPNW – they are doing all they can to influence other nations to make the commitment, but it is tough going in a world of increasing military tensions and fear. 
  • Pray that many in the UK and other nuclear armed states will recognise that the more we spend on arms and military infrastructure the less we can spend on looking after our own population and supporting the poorer nations of our world.  
  • Give thanks for the indignation felt by many over the appalling treatment suffered by the Palestinians, and the increasing concern over the potential escalation of the Middle East conflict with possible nuclear consequences. 

Elections around the world in 2024 could make major changes in government in UK and
USA and elsewhere

  • Pray that as we approach a General Election later this year, our print, broadcasting and online media will not be unduly influenced by the arms industry and others with more concern for profits than with true holistic security – and that such lobbying will be seen for the cynical propaganda that it is. 
  • Pray too for effective debate and a clear understanding across the UK that maintenance of nuclear weapons means less support for the poorest in our nation and around the world. 
  • Ask God to inspire more Christians in our land to commit themselves to nuclear disarmament, recognising that we follow the Prince of Peace 
  • Pray that we’ll be able to get over our radical message of peace and to convince many in our society to support unilateral nuclear disarmament. 

Cooperation with other disarmament campaigners

  • Pray for continued good coordination and cooperation with other Christian peace campaigners, including Pax Christi, Anglican Peace Fellowship, Society of Friends and the Fellowship of Reconciliation 
  • And for continued effective cooperation with other peace and disarmament organisations, including our parent organisation CND, ICAN, and others. 
  • Fellowship of Reconciliation have arranged Friday evening prayers every week for Ukraine ever since the Russian invasion two years ago: prayers often cover peace topics more generally, but it is clearly a conflict with potential for nuclear escalation. Contact for more information

Work with children and young people

  • Some of us remember the youthful nature of the nuclear disarmament movement in the early days 50 years ago. Let’s pray for a new generation of Christian nuclear disarmament campaigners now in the 2020s! 
  • Our Outreach Manager Liddy Buswell has developed materials for use with the young that could well help to inspire this new generation. Already we are receiving very positive feedback from presenters, from the young people themselves, and the schools and churches where they’ve been used. Praise the Lord! 
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit will inspire the new generation of young Christian disarmament and peace activists in this country and around the world – and believe He can and will do it! The Holy Spirit can work in surprising ways – remember the surprise of the early disciples following that first Pentecost. 

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