New Ploughshare seeks views on CCND future

The latest issue of Ploughshare, the journal of Christian CND, is a special issue which focusses on the future of the organisation. Christian CND has been around for over 60 years, committed to working and praying for a nuclear weapons-free world. While we don’t want to be here in the future (we’d rather see nuclear weapons abolished) we have to be prepared for further work in the years to come.

Throughout Christian CND’s history it has been an Unincorporated Association. This means that there are no regulatory requirements on us, but there is also limited access to external funding, beyond our very generous and committed members and supporters.

As part of considerations about the next phase of our work, the Executive Committee has been considering pursuing charitable status for CCND. That work has now reached a stage when the views of our members and supporters are being sought.

You can read the special issue of Ploughshare here

Ploughshare features interviews with others in the NGO sector, some working for charities, some working alongside them. It also has details of where Christian CND stands now and sets out what changes can be expected if we are to become a charity (and what will stay the same).

You will also find a link to give us your views via an online survey. The Executive Committee will take these views into consideration when making a final decision later this year.

We are also running a couple of online sessions for supporters to ask any questions about the process and raising issues or concerns. Look out for the dates of those on our website soon.

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