Christian CND Embassies Walk 2018

Every year Christian CND organises an Embassies Walk around London, visiting diplomats and discussing the latest developments in nuclear disarmament. After the UN agreed the Nuclear Ban Treaty last year, we visited states that supported the Treaty, for an update on progress towards ratification.

The group gathered at St Martins-in-the-Field for a short service before our four teams went out, visiting 19 embassies in all with countries representing every continent.

As the UK continues to oppose the Ban Treaty, it is important that we not only continue to press them to engage, but also show our support for those states who are taking a lead.

The clear message from the embassies we visited was that governments around the world remain committed to the Ban Treaty and are making good progress towards ratification. Once 50 countries have ratified then the Treaty will become law in those countries.

We will be following up with further meetings in Geneva during the Preparatory Committee of the Non-Proliferation Treaty in April.

We can only campaign with the support of people like you who share our vision.
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