Christian CND Prayer Diary – August 2023

Join us this month as we continue to lift up our prayers

Give thanks for our Lord and Saviour, the Prince of Peace. 
For his single-minded focus on doing his Father’s will, no matter the cost.
For his willingness to undergo all that he suffered to bring peace between us, our Maker and each other
For the salvation he achieved for us through his sacrifice
Hallelujah, what a Saviour!

We remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki

We grieve for the thousands killed, maimed, orphaned, suffering radiation damage over the years, or left with terrible memories of what happened.

We remember the thousands still affected, and pray for them.

We may not have been alive or involved at the time, but those of us who belong to nuclear armed nations must accept our share of responsibility for the explicit or implicit threats made in our name. 

Above all we pray that our leaders, and the leaders of all the nuclear-armed states, will start to take seriously the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons – and at the very least comply with the commitments they have already made under the Non Proliferation Treaty.

Apart from the explicit and implicit threats of aggression, including nuclear threats, the war in Ukraine has led to huge expenditure on weaponry on all sides, and been exploited by arms manufacturers for profit.  It has led to escalation of shortages in commodities from oil to grain and foodstuffs, with associated price inflation for these essential commodities.  We feel sore about having to pay more: those in poorer countries have no alternative but to do without, and go hungry.  

Pray for the Holy Spirit to move Christian Opinion and Public Opinion to Disarmament

We pray that the release of the Oppenheimer film, in combination with the rhetoric associated with the war in Ukraine, will cause people across the world to press their governments to commit to the TPNW.  We pray for all the organisations campaigning on this issue, including our own efforts as Christian CND. 

We note the recognition of many of the climate implications of arms manufacture and use, not least in relation to nuclear weapons, and pray that Christians concerned about the global climate will recognise the climate dangers of nuclear weapons and join our cause.

Pray for Christian CND’s work calling on Christians to reject nuclear weapons and support nuclear disarmament.

Give thanks for the resources Liddy has prepared for working with the young, and for the positive reception they have had. Pray that she and others will be able to use them effectively in promoting the Christian peace message.

Give thanks for the strong disarmament message to the United Nations from the Pope, and pray that he will influence Christians of all churches – and those in government – across the world

In recent months we have been represented at 

  • The Big Church Day Out, with the opportunity to raise the issue of nuclear disarmament with many Christians of all ages who had not previously given it a thought.
  • The National Justice and Peace Network conference at Swanwick, where Michael and Patricia Pulham with Martin Birdseye worked to capture the imagination of Christians in relation to nuclear disarmament.

In the coming months …

  • We shall be represented at the Greenbelt Festival, with the opportunity to meet and influence thousands.
  • And in September there is the Christian CND pilgrimage in Cumbria, including Barrow in Furness, where nuclear submarines are built.

Pray for all those involved in these activities

Last, but certainly not least, we pray for Christian CND

The constitution of Christian CND is currently under review, with the Executive about to share their recommendations with members.


  • For us all to be open to the guiding of the Holy Spirit as we consider the options.
  • That all our discussions will be guided by the Spirit and conducted with love and respect for one another.
  • That the decision will be right in relation to the work we are called to do, and that it will facilitate the effectiveness of our future efforts in promoting the Christian peace message.
  • That while the AGM may be dominated by thought about the future of Christian CND, the new executive will be effective and focused on effective promotion of the Christian message on nuclear disarmament to Christians of all ages.
  • That above all the AGM may be a time of fellowship and encouragement for members and visitors, and that it will strengthen Christian CND and enhance our effectiveness in the coming year.
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