Christian CND joins other peace groups at the Foreign Office

As the world marks the second anniversary of the entry into force of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW), Christian CND has joined with other peace groups to call on the government to make meaningful progress on nuclear disarmament.

The TPNW was negotiated in 2017 and is a landmark Treaty, banning nuclear weapons under international law because of the humanitarian consequences of their use. Chemical and biological weapons have previously been banned for the same reasons. The TPNW also recognises victims of nuclear weapons and calls for reparations for the environmental and human damage they cause, including in the Pacific where the UK carried out many nuclear tests.

A letter signed by eight members of the Network of Christian Peace Organisations was delivered to the Foreign Office. It calls on the UK government to engage with the Treaty with a view to making progress towards nuclear disarmament. Despite having the support of more than 120 states at the United Nations and 92 signatures, the TPNW has ben roundly ignored by the UK government, which continues to spend hundreds of billions of pounds on a new generation of nuclear weapons.

Join us as we give thanks to God for the TPNW and the success it has been on the global stage. We also pray that the UK government, and the other nuclear-armed states, would have a change of heart and engage with the TPNW in the coming months.

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