United Nations reaffirms support for Nuclear Ban Treaty

The United Nations has reaffirmed its support for the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons with an overwhelming vote in New York. A UN Committee voted by a margin of 122 in favour and 41 against, with 16 abstentions.

The motion welcomes the Treaty, which was agreed at the UN last year and has since been signed by 69 states, with 19 completing the ratification process. It goes on to urge all states to sign the Treaty and to ensure compliance through regional contracts and other means.

As a result of the motion the next meeting of the UN which covers disarmament will include a dedicated section on the Ban Treaty.

Christian CND is disappointed that the United Kingdom joined the other nuclear-armed states and others in voting against the motion. The government has consistently held a position of seeking a world free of nuclear weapons, but fails to take steps which would help bring one about.

We pray that the passage of the motion would be a further fillip to those around the world campaigning for a nuclear weapons-free world, and thank God for all those states voting in support of the motion.

Read the full motion

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