Praying for peace in Ukraine

After nearly a month of war in Ukraine, Christian CND continues to pray for peace and a lasting settlement which secures a meaningful future for everyone in the region. War can never be the answer to the questions faced by world leaders.

We will be praying for Ukraine as part of our Prayer Meetings on Zoom throughout the conflict. You can also join us in prayer throughout this month by downloading our Prayer Diary.

We have also issued an updated statement on the war:

Christian CND joins with Christians around the world in being appalled at the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the continued aggression, especially being aimed at civilians. No one can see the images of suffering and devastation and not be deeply moved. We call for an immediate ceasefire and withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine.

We are pleased that the peace talks appear to be making progress, and call on both sides to pursue peace with renewed vigor in the coming days and weeks. It is now time for the international community to stop name-calling and work together for a lasting peace – to give the people of Ukraine hope and to give the children of Ukraine the future they deserve.

Throughout this terrible situation we have been encouraged by the unity of the church, and other faiths around the world, in working and praying for peace. We pray that this would continue to be the case after the global media focus has moved away from Ukraine.

Every man, woman and child that has died in this war, on both sides, was created in the image of God and was loved by Jesus Christ. The past month has been yet another reminder that war brings only pain, suffering and death. We must all rededicate ourselves to a future based on peace, security and understanding.

Christian CND statement on Ukraine conflict – March 2022

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