Cambodia signs the Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty

As 2019 starts there is more good news for the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (also known as the Nuclear Ban Treaty) as Cambodia has become the 70th state to sign the Treaty.

The move, announced earlier this month, means that Singapore is the only Southeast Asian nation not to have signed the Ban Treaty. Cambodia will now have to go through its domestic process to complete the ratification of the Treaty before confirmation is received by the United Nations in New York.

The Ban Treaty was negotiated in 2017 and was agreed by more than 120 states at the United Nations. It will come into force when 50 states have completed the ratification process. There are currently 19 ratifications, although many other states are in the process of doing so.

Christian CND is working to ensure that awareness of the Ban Treaty increased among Christians in the UK and  we continue to pray for other states to sign and ratify, including the United Kingdom. Please join us as we pray.

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