Christian CND at Big Church Day Out 2022

The CCND team has just got back from an incredible weekend at Big Church Day Out. Before he put his tent away, we asked Exec member Martin Tiller to tell us a bit about the event. Watch out for the next issue of Ploughshare for a fuller report.

Big Church Day Out (BCDO) is a two full-day music festival in Sussex. Most of the 40,000 or so people who attend stay the weekend in tents. Many of the big names in contemporary Christian music take part, playing to lively and enthusiastic audiences and leading huge worship sessions. Alongside the music there is “The Expo” which is a marquee in which Christian organisations of all types and sizes pay to run a stall where they can promote what they do. We were there, for the third year, giving out leaflets and badges and talking to people about disarmament and why Christians should care about it. We were careful to come with a message of hope for a better world, rather than trying to scare people into supporting us! We had a really good reception with many people thanking us for bringing it to their attention and promising to pray or to get involved in other ways. It was tiring but wonderfully encouraging.

Team CCND: L-R – Michael Pulham, Patricia Pulham, Rebecca Dillon, Bridget Tiller and Martin Tiller
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