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Hiroshima Day 2020
Pictures from the Christian CND Service in Chelmsford Cathedral to remember the 75th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima.

Ash Wednesday 2020

Christian CND and Bargn Nuri Conference – January 2020

Christian CND welcomed the Bargn Nuri Community to London for a day of sharing, praying and singing for peace on the Korean Peninsula and around the world.

Christian CND Conference 2019

Christian CND gathered in Brentwood Cathedral for our Conference and AGM on Saturday 26 October.

No Faith in War! Stop the Arms Fair

Christian CND took part in the No Faith in War Day as part of the protests against the DSEI Arms Fair taking place at the ExCeL Arena in the London Docklands. The day was full or worship, prayers and witnessing for peace.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki Day 2019

Christian CND joined with others around the country to commemorate the 74th anniversary of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August.

Annual National Justice and Peace Network Conference – July 2019

Christian CND had a great time over the weekend in Swanwick at the Annual National Justice and Peace Network Conference. We spoke to many attendees about nuclear weapons and why it is so important to continue our work and prayers towards their elimination.

Molesworth Peace Garden rededication – June 2019

Christian CND joined Molesworth Peace Garden Group and others for a special event to remember the long history of peace campaigning and witness at the RAF base. Memories were shared, stories remembered and prayers said for the future. Photos by Dave Pybus.

Barbara Eggleston memorial lecture 2019

Christian CND hosted the first annual Barbara Eggleston memorial lecture event in Brighton where we gathered to share memories of Barbara and hear from Valeria Flessati and Bruce Kent about the Christian peace movement.

 Big Church Day Out May 2019

Christian CND attended Big Church Day Out in West Sussex over the May Bank Holiday weekend. We spoke to hundreds of visitors about our work and how they can get involved in supporting us as we continue to work and pray for a nuclear weapons-free world.

Westminster Abbey witness May 2019

On Friday 3 May Christian CND organised an inter-denominational witness for peace outside Westminster Abbey, where a service was taking place to mark 50 years of British nuclear weapons being at sea.

Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Prep Comm 2019

Embassies Walk 2019

This year we visited the London Embassies of NATO Countries that do not have nuclear weapons. Here some photos of the prayer meeting and briefings in St Martin-in-the-Fields. More photos will be added later as we get them in. See the report here

Ash Wednesday 2019

Hiroshima and Nagasaki Days 2018

Church of England Synod, York 2018

Big Church Day Out

Another Christian CND stall, and a lot of interest from the attendees!

NPT PrepCom, Vienna 2018

Spring Harvest 2018

Our Christian CND stall at Spring Harvest in Minehead in April attracted lots of visitors.

Aldermaston Easter Sunday 2018

Christian CND joined national CND at Aldermaston for an event commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the very first march from London to Aldermaston.

No Faith in War at DSEI 2017

See No Faith in War report for a short more

Hiroshima and Nagasaki Days 2017

Send us your photos!

NPT PrepCom in Vienna, May 2017

Latest updates on conference (from Reaching Critical Will)

Nuclear ban treaty negotiations in New York, 2017

Embassies Walk
March 2017

The Embassies Walk started at St Martin-in-the-Fields with a short service and a briefing.
Staff from the Indonesian Embassy came to meet with us at St Martin-in-the-Fields to discuss strategies for the forthcoming Nuclear Ban Treaty negotiations. We also visited other embassies; including Austria.
REPORT on Embassies Walk 2017

Ash Wednesday 2017

Church of England Synod
February 2017

CCND were outside Church House, London leafleting Synod members. 100s of leaflets about the Nuclear Ban Treaty negotiations were distributed.

6 August 2016
Hiroshima Day
Tavistock Square, London

18 July: No Faith in Trident vigil during the vote
in Parliament

No Faith in Trident Faiths Day
27 June 2016, Burghfield
All photos from Pax Christi with thanks

Meeting at House of Commons on the ethics
of nuclear weapons
21 April 2016

CCND's Martin Birdseye, Rebecca Sharkey from ICAN with Shadow Defence Minister, Emily Thornberry MP

CCND’s Martin Birdseye, Rebecca Sharkey from ICAN with
Shadow Defence Minister, Emily Thornberry MP

Spring Harvest Easter 2016

No Faith in Trident 27 February

No Faith in Trident multi-faith event in Hinde Street Methodist Church, 27 February

Multi-faith event in Hinde Street Methodist Church

More photos of the Stop Trident rally from Pax Christi:

Nuclear Exits Meeting at Houses of Parliament,
November 2015

CCND at Synod, York, September 2015

CCND Stall at Synod

CCND Stall at Synod


A group of supporters relax after helping out at our CCND stall at Synod in York, September 2015

A group of supporters relax after helping out at our CCND stall at Synod in York, September 2015