Christian CND Prayer Diary – March

Please join Christian CND in praying this month as we intercede for issues here and around the world. We believe God has the power to move in all these situations and that prayer goes hand in hand with our campaigning efforts. There are many things to be thankful for as well as issues we want to bring before God.

We gather twice a month on Zoom to prayer together. Upcoming dates include:
Tuesday 21 March @ 8pm

Download this Prayer Diary as a PDF

1. Pray for the Executive Committee as we wrestle with some issues that are really important in preparing Christian CND for the years ahead

Constitution and Organisation Structure: Christian CND currently has a constitution that is neither a charity nor a limited liability company.  With some changes in government guidance on charity activities, the exec believes there could be significant advantages in becoming a charity, primarily because it would enable us to reclaim income tax paid by donors on funds raised.  However we are also aware that as a charity there would potentially be limitations on “ban the bomb” campaigning, although the guidance appears quite flexible.  This would not preclude the setting up of a separate legal entity to undertake campaigning activities.  Please pray for:

  • An open mind and wisdom for exec members as we consider both the official guidance and to professional advisers, and then decide on a recommendation to CCND members.
  • Wisdom for members in their ultimate decision on such a significant change
  • Give thanks for the faithful service and long-time commitment to the disarmament cause of Claire Poyner, the Christian CND representative in the CND office, who recently advised the exec of her intention to retire in the near future.

Effectiveness in promoting understanding of how the Christian message applies to the possession by Britain and other nations of a “nuclear deterrent.” Possession implies being prepared to use the bomb, but also means that a significant proportion of national financial resources are devoted to the nation’s nuclear “defence” as opposed to supporting those with limited resources both within the country and around the world.  

  • Pray for effective promotion, across the churches and Christian community, and especially among the young, of an understanding of the consequences and effects of a defence policy centred on nuclear weapons, including both the resources used to enable possession and the preparedness to use these evil weapons against fellow human beings.
  • Give thanks for Liddy’s effectiveness in reaching the young and opening their imagination to the evils of the nuclear “deterrent” as well as the resources that could be released for the good of mankind if they were abolished.
  • Pray that Russell and Liddy will be effective in focusing on promotion of understanding, especially across the Christian community, of the dangers of nuclear weapons, and the benefits of abolition of such weapons in line with the UN Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons
  • Pray that we – all CCND members, and especially exec members – will be effective in communicating with the leaders of our own churches and other prominent Christians, and encouraging them to make a public stand in favour of nuclear disarmament in the way that Pope Francis has done in the worldwide Roman Catholic Church

2. Pray that the UK and US governments and their allies will recognise the dangers from increased nuclear weapons in Europe, and reverse their decisions to station more land-based nuclear weapons in Europe, including in the UK

  • Pray that the plans for new land-based weapons at Lakenheath will be reversed.
  • Pray for stamina and wisdom for those campaigning against Lakenheath – and for effective campaign strategies that will reach the hearts and minds of the British population.
  • Pray that UK churches and Christian communities will recognise the evil of these weapons and join the campaign – and that individually we will be bold in promoting the campaign within our own churches and communities, in the way that past generations of CCND members have done
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