United Nations Chief calls for global ceasefire

As the world struggles to contain the Coronavirus pandemic, the United National Secretary General has called for a global ceasefire in all conflicts to help fight the virus.

Speaking from the United Nations in New York, António Guterres warned that it will be the most vulnerable in society who will pay the highest price from Covid-19.

The fury of the virus illustrates the folly of war – António Guterres

Christian CND fully supports the calls for an end to armed conflict to enable all resources to be put in to fighting the spread of the virus. The international community should be coming together to provide support and assistance to all countries affected by the pandemic.

We pray that others will following the example of groups in the Philippines that have already heeded the call and laid down their arms. This virus shows with clarity that the threats we face in the 21st century do not allow for states to tackle them alone. Climate change, health pandemics and other threats require international cooperation on the scale never seen before.

That’s why it’s also time for urgent and meaningful talks on total nuclear disarmament. The Non-Proliferation Treaty calls on nuclear-armed states, including the United Kingdom, to enter into meaningful negotiations on disarmament. As soon as the pandemic clears, these talks must start under the leadership of the United Nations.

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