“Thy Kingdom Come”  A Kingdom of Justice, Peace
and Joy

A Campaign of Prayer for the success of the Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty negotiations, taking place at the United Nations in New York in March and June, 2017.

Join us in this response to a call from the World Council of Churches to Christians of the world to pray and meditate on The Lord’s Prayer, particularly in the days leading to Pentecost.

Download a prayer leaflet here.

We can bring Britain to nuclear ban talks

The historic negotiations on a treaty to prohibit nuclear weapons are set to start at the United Nations on 27 March. Despite the growing international consensus that nuclear weapons must be banned, the UK is set to boycott the talks. You can contact your MP asking them to urge the government to attend these talks through the CND website. You could also mention a recent poll result which finds that three in four Britons think the UK should be represented at the talks.

Stop Trident

Trident is Britain’s submarine-based nuclear weapons system. There are four submarines. Each carries up to 48 nuclear warheads. There is always one submarine out on patrol, ready to fire its missiles. Every warhead is about seven times as destructive as the atomic bomb that annihilated Hiroshima. That one killed about 140,000 civilians. Many more have died from that one event since.

As Christians we believe that nuclear weapons are immoral and blasphemous. They are a sign of humanity’s disobedience to God’s law for us, and are also a rejection of international law. Such weapons are immoral and do nothing to increase the security of Britain and the world.
Many churches agree and have issued statements against nuclear weapons. Statements from Church Leaders poster

Download a copy of CCND Churches Guide and give a copy to your church (or ring the office and ask for a free printed copy).

Download leaflets and posters to help you in your campaigning: Free Downloads

Watch (and share) a short film on last year’s Month of Action Against Trident:

If you think £100bn of taxpayers’ money could be better spent on the NHS, education, housing, and green energy, than on a monstrous and outdated weapons system, add your name to the call to Scrap Trident!

Get a copy of the NCPO (Network of Christian Peace Organisations) Trident Briefing

Support Christian CND and national CND; check back here for events to attend, letters to write, petitions to sign/download.

New petition to parliament: Participate in the UN conference to negotiate a Treaty to ban nuclear weapons.