Leaflets, posters, booklets

Hard copies of any of these downloads are available from the office – just ask (donations towards postage welcome)

Latest issue of Ploughshare: May 2019

Christian CND Prayer Diary for June

The Biblical Case Against Nuclear Weapons – a new briefing exploring the issues around nuclear weapons from a biblical perspective.

Christian CND Annual Report for 2018

The Nuclear ban Treaty in full as an eight page A5 sized booklet
Christian CND’s Briefing on the Nuclear Ban Treaty

Basic introductory leaflet Download Page1 Page2(PDF)
‘Tree of Life’ leaflet Download here (PDF)
Churches Guide Nuclear Weapons; What Can Christians Do?  Here
Church statements A4 poster enclosed with October 2011 Ploughshare here
Churches say NO to Nuclear Weapons poster here
‘No Faith in Trident’ A4 poster to print out and put in your window, on a church noticeboard etc. poster
Trident Discussion Mind Map poster

THY KINGDOM COME A5 Prayer Leaflet   A campaign of prayer for the success of the Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty negotiations taking place at the United Nations in New York in March and June 2017.
A4 “Thy Kingdom Come” 4-page colour booklet with prayer diary

CCND Link Leaflets. Make the links between nuclear weapons and the economy, the environment, the churches, nuclear power and more. Specially useful at non-Christian CND events.

Download ‘Nuclear Weapons and the Environment’ here.
‘Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Power’ here
‘Nuclear Weapons and the Churches’ here.
‘Nuclear Weapons and the Economy’ here.
‘Nuclear Weapons and the Money Makers’ here.
‘Nuclear Weapons and the United Nations’ here.
‘Nuclear Weapons and Poverty’ here.
‘Nuclear Weapons and Democracy’ here.

Nuclear Morality Flowchart:
For A3 print of Flowchart: http://nuclearmorality.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/howtodecide13.pdf
Background notes for Flowchart: http://nuclearmorality.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/howtodecide13notes.pdf

Ban Treaty Phobia here  A mind map A4 leaflet to share with your MP or other decision-makers.

NCPO (Network of Christian Peace Organisations) Nuclear Ban Treaty NCPO Briefing 2019