In early February, United States President Donald Trump announced that the US is suspending its obligations under the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. This is just the latest decision from Donald Trump which risks international security, coming just months after the United States also withdraw from the Iran Nuclear Deal.

The INF Treaty was signed by Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev in 1987 and saw nearly 2,700 nuclear missiles taken out of commission. There are fears that the decision to withdraw from the Treaty may lead to a new nuclear arms race between the United States and Russia, which may also draw in China and others.

The decision could also have implications for the UK. There was a huge campaign in the 1980s to resist the placement of American cruise missiles here, particularly by the women of Greenham Common. There could be moves to place such missiles here again in the future as a result of the withdrawal.

The UK government has supported Donald Trump’s decision, while many other international leaders have called for a change of course and for further negotiation. At the same time the vast majority of states are seeking an end to nuclear weapons through the Nuclear Ban Treaty.

This decisions, taken in distant capitals by political leaders, can leave us feeling hopeless. However, there are things we can all do:

PrayUse our Prayer Diary as we seek God in this situation
Act – Contact the Foreign Office and ask them to help save the INF Treaty 

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