Christian CND is a led by an Executive Committee made up of ten members. Two of these members are Co-Chairs and another is the organisation’s Treasurer. The Executive Committee is elected annually at Christian CND AGM. The Executive covers many Christian denominations and traditions including Anglican, Roman Catholic, Quaker, Methodist and Evangelical.

The Executive provides strategy leadership for the organisation, setting on strategy, leading on event planning and taking key decisions. They also oversee the Christian CND staff team. The Executive currently meets on a bi-monthly basis. Elections to the Executive are open to any Christian CND member with more than 10 months membership.

The current Christian CND Executive

The current Christian CND Executive was elected at our AGM in Coventry and will serve until the 2019 AGM.

Martin Tiller (Co-Chair)
Caroline Gilbert (Co-Chair)
Neil Berry (Treasurer)
Martin Birdseye
Geraldine Ellis
Michael Gilbert
Rachel Leather
David Maxwell
Michael Pulham
Patricia Pulham

To contact any member of the Executive Committee please email