The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty is one of the most significant pieces of international law on nuclear weapons and disarmament. It has been in force for more than 45 years and sets out how a nuclear weapons-free world can be achieved.

There are annual meetings of states to discuss the Treaty and progress being made, in addition to a full Review Conference every five years in at the United Nations in New York. Sadly, the discussions around the Treaty have been deadlocked for some time and progress towards a nuclear weapons-free world have stalled.

Christian CND meets the New Zealand delegation in Vienna 2017

Christian CND regularly attends these meetings to discuss progress with diplomats and take part in activities alongside other NGOs. This year we are sending a small delegation to Geneva where they will meet delegates from states and discuss developments not only with the NPT but also with the Nuclear Ban Treaty.

You can help us this year by making a donation towards our work in Geneva. Your donation will help us with travel arrangements, printing costs and other practical arrangements. You’ll be able to keep up with all our activity from Geneva on our website and through social media channels.