Christian CND supports No nuclear War in Korea protest

Christian CND is supporting a demonstration on Thursday 28 September calling for a de-escalation of the situation on the Korean Peninsula and calling on both sides to engage in dialogue. Christian CND recently joined an international call for a peaceful outcome.

Tensions have ben rising in recent weeks following a series of missile tests by North Korea and increasingly hyperbolic rhetoric from US President Donald Trump, threatening a response of “fire and fury”.

The protest has been called by CND and others, and will take place outside Downing Street starting at 5pm. There is more information on Facebook.

Christian CND is holding a prayer meeting immediately before the event nearby, where we will be praying for world leaders to secure peace. More details on the event will follow.

Christian CND joins activists for Arms Fair Day of Action

Christian CND members and supporters were among those taking part in the ‘No Faith in War’ day at the protests against the DSEI Arms Fair in London on Tuesday 5 September.


Activists highlighted the immorality of selling weaponry, using placards to share the message of peace found in Bible.

Among those taking part in the action was Christian CND member Reverend Enid Gorton, a Methodist Minister from Manchester. She said she was taking part as selling weapons is “against the will of God”.

The DSEI (Defence and Security Equipment International) fair is set to attract more than 34,000 delegates to the ExCeL Centre in London, including many regimes accused of human rights abuses. Protests will be taking place on every day of the event.






The arms sales from DSEI will inevitably cause death and suffering to civilians in conflicts around the world. Christian CND believes that these sales are immoral, against the teaching of the Bible and calls for diplomatic solutions to be sought across the world.

Please join Christian CND in continuing to pray for those taking part in the demonstrations this week.

You can join Christian CND through our website.

The road to the DSEI fair blocked with Bibles



Christian CND joins the call for diplomatic solution to North Korea

As tensions around North Korea’s nuclear program continue to escalate, Christian CND has joined individuals and groups around the world in calling for a diplomatic response to the crisis.

The situation has become increasingly dangerous, with Pyongyang claiming to have tested a hydrogen bomb over the weekend. This was met by the US Secretary of Defence threatening a “massive military response”, after Donald Trump had previously promised “fire and fury like the world has never seen”.

Christian CND believes that the only solution to the situation in North Korea is through dialogue. There have been suggestions that six party talks could recommence, though so far this has not materialised.

The international community has already shown what can be achieved by dialogue and negotiation this year. The United Nations agreed a Treaty to prohibit nuclear weapons in July, and it will be open for signatures later this month. If those involved in the current situation around North Korea show the same courage and leadership, then a peaceful solution can be found.