Christmas greetings to Faslane Peace Camp

As Christmas approaches and attention turns to spending time with friends and loved ones, Christian CND is sending Christmas greetings to all those at the Faslane Peace Camp, protesting the nuclear weapons facility situated there.

Among those at the Cam are four protesters who were arrested during the DSEI Arms Fair in London. They have been supported by Christian CND Executive member Geraldine Ellis, among others, and are due back in London for a further court appearance in January.

Please keep Chloe, Gary, Ian and Matt in your prayers this Christmas time, and thank God for them and everyone else willing to play such an active part in the campaign against nuclear weapons.

Faiths’ Statement on Nobel Peace Prize

On Sunday 10 December the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo. Christian CND is a partner organisation of ICAN and has been working closely with the group on the Nuclear Ban Treaty.

Faith groups have been a key part in the success of civil society engaging in the process, and Christian CND is delighted that the following statement has been agreed by UK faith leaders.

We congratulate the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons on the award of the Nobel Peace Prize.  As people of faith, we seek to build relationships founded on the basis of our common humanity, moral principles and international law. Our world must not remain divided into nations with nuclear weapons and those without.  As we are seeing, the tension caused by this division can only increase with likely dreadful consequences for all.

There is a need for creative political leadership to ensure that any attempt to justify the threat of mass destruction in any circumstance is wholly rejected.  A world free of nuclear weapons achieved by building on established international norms is a global public good of the highest order. No country or government must allow itself to be left behind. Therefore, we call on the UK government to add its support for the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

Christian CND will continue to work within the various church denominations in the UK to advance the cause of nuclear disarmament.

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Read the full UK Faiths statement Nobel Peace Prize 2017

Christian CND signs letter to Defence Secretary on Nuclear Ban Treaty

As the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) prepares to receive the Nobel Peace Prize on Sunday, Christian CND has joined other groups in the UK in writing to the Defence Secretary calling on the UK Government to sign the Treaty.

The new Treaty was agreed by 122 states at the United Nations and followed months of negotiation. The UK, along with the other nuclear-armed states, declined to take part at any stage.

Campaigners handed the letter in at the Ministry of Defence following a ‘die-in’ to draw attention to the appalling consequences of nuclear weapons.

The full text of the letter can be found here.

Christian CND Conference and AGM – Saturday 25 November

The 2017 Christian CND AGM and ‘Bring on the Ban’ Conference took place in the spectacular setting of St Mary Redcliffe Church in the centre of Bristol. Once described by Queen Elizabeth I as “the fairest, goodliest, and most famous parish church in England” it certainly lived up to that billing for our visit.

Christian CND members and supported travelled from Cornwall, Birmingham, Wales and elsewhere to take part in the day, making it one of the best-attended AGMs for some time.

The day started with a welcome by Revd Dan Tyndall, Vicar of St Mary Redcliffe. Revd Tyndall spoke about the weight of responsibility of working for peace which Jesus has given us. Revd Tyndall also prayed for the work of Christian CND and for peaceful solutions to the world’s current crises.

Revd Dan Tyndall

The first speaker of the Conference was David Cullen from the Nuclear Information Service. David spoke through the main provisions in the Nuclear Ban Treaty and the implications the Treaty could have for the UK. He highlighted that this is the first Treaty in the humanitarian tradition to place a responsibility on states that have tested nuclear weapons to clean up the environment they have damaged. It was also noted that the UK (or any other nuclear-armed state) would be able to sign up to the Treaty without having to disarm immediately, entering instead into multi-lateral negotiations.

David Cullen from NIS

We then heard from Martin Birdseye who briefed the meeting on the recent Nuclear Disarmament Conference held at the Vatican. Martin drew attention to an excellent contribution from Robert McElroy, the Bishop of San Diego on the role of the church on the journey to a nuclear-free future. Pax Christi have pledged to build on the momentum of the Conference and of course Christian CND will work closely with them, especially to encourage engagement from the UK.

Christian CND Martin Birdseye

The final speaker was Hannah Tweddell, Chair of Bristol CND. Hannah spoke about the work Bristol CND is doing in partnership with other groups, focussing on the cost of Trident and raising public awareness of the Ban Treaty. She reported that good relationships had been build with some of the local MPs and that discussions were ongoing.

Hannah Tweddell from Bristol CND

The afternoon workshop included an interesting discussion about how to get the message of the Ban Treaty into the churches of the UK and how awareness can be raised. There will be some exciting actions following in the next couple of months, so do keep an eye on the Christian CND website and social media.

The AGM section of the day resulted in an Executive of nine members remaining in place for a further year, whilst Martin Birdseye and Martin Tiller were re-elected as Co-Chairs.

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